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Padangusthasana: Unlock the Power of Toe-to-Hand Pose for Strength and Flexibility

ByLakshmi SharmaSep 24, 20238 min read

Padangusthasana, also known as Toe-to-Hand pose, is a yoga asana that has its origins in ancient Indian practice. The word "Padangusthasana" is derived from the Sanskrit words "pada" which means foot, "angustha" which means big toe, and "asana" which means pose or posture. This asana involves a deep forward fold while holding the big toes. Practicing Padangusthasana provides numerous benefits for the body, mind, and spirit. This article will explore…

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Unlock Flexibility and Strength with Frog Posture Yoga

ByLakshmi SharmaSep 24, 202311 min read

Frog Posture Yoga is a practice rooted in traditional yoga, focusing on a specific pose known as the Frog Pose. This pose, also known as Bhekasana, has its origins in…

learn the best of yoga for your life and wellness
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